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Detech Win 127cc

The most powerful Win you can get

Detech Win 127cc


127cc Detech Win – Manual

This is the best option for someone travelling with 2 people or someone used to riding bigger bikes.

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The 127cc Win is the most powerful of the Win. The difference in power of the bike is only small but can be felt when travelling with additional weight such as with 2 people or if you are an experienced rider.

The top speed of the bike isn’t noticeably different but the performance is shown once you reach the mountains.

The Detech Win is the most reliable of the brands and as all of our bikes are all new or a few months old these bikes are a reliable way to travel the country while still not expensive.

As these bikes are so common the mechanics through out Vietnam as easily able to service and fix these bikes making it simpler and stress free to travel.

These bikes are the best option for 2 people travelling on 1 bike or for an experienced rider used to much higher cc bikes.

Rental Warranty

As with all of our rental bikes we warranty the mechanics of the bike in case of any breakdowns on the road.

Available for up to 6 weeks rental

Reserving a Bike

To reserve a bike please contact us directly via Facebook or email. We are able to reserve a bike with a payment of 25% of the rental fee.

We are able to do this via Paypal or if you are already in Vietnam then we are able to take a card or cash payment.

Rental Prices

Per Day – $12 – $14
1 month – $200
6 weeks – $250


Passport or up to $650 less cost of rental
(Deposit amount depends on rental time)

Technical Details

Gears – 4
Fuel Tank – 7 litres
Transmission – Manual
No. of Riders – 1 or 2*

*Can be fitted with stronger suspension and a side rack suitable for 2 people on 1 bike.


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