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Suzuki GD110

The Suzuki GD110 fits in between our categories of the Detech Win and the Honda manual bikes. It is reliable and enough power for the trip while being light weight, easy to learn and cheaper than the Honda manual bikes.

For many people they prefer to ride manual for the trip for a number of reasons including the larger fuel tank, the greater control from a clutch and most importantly they are more fun to ride. With the GD110 you get all of these benefits but at a cheaper price compared to the Hondas.

For someone new to manual bikes but wanting reliability this is the perfect option.

Suzuki GD110

Suzuki GD110

The perfect combination of reliability and power on a manual bike.


The bike is 4 speed but with the gears all being down in the same way as a semi automatic instead of a normal manual bike.

With our Suzuki GD110 come with a free strong D-lock, luggage rack, bungee cords, map and local helmet.

As well as this we provide you with a free service in Hanoi before or after heading through northern Vietnam and a free service in Hoi An when travelling north or south if required. This means the bikes continue to be well maintained and serviced while you are renting them.

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